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Originally Posted by jcurtis934 View Post
Inverters need to be as close as possible, but not in the same area as flooded cell batteries. If yours are not in the passthrough and less than six feet cable length from the batteries...keystone installed wrong. If you had agm batteries, then it could be in the front and on the back wall. Inverters are still only 90-93% efficient these days, so multiply whatever is drawn on the 120vac side max current including start and icemaker by about 12 and you get the max current draw out of the batteries. And the inverter manufacturers specify orientation for mounting the inverter, so you should look at the manual and make sure it was done correctly.
Maybe this is a bold assumption on my part, but I'm assuming that Keystone is meeting all of the manufacturers recommendations. It is within 6'. The issue is that they could meet all of the manufacturers recommendations, but you still can't turn the unit on and off easily, nor can you see at all what it's doing if you wanted /needed to know. That's the part I don't like...
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