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Wife and I love college sports (2 kids in college about 2 hours from our home). We take the rig over in the fall, and go to all the football games, then bring it back home after the season. In the spring we tend to go over for long weekends of baseball and then bring it home each time. At some point it might be cheaper to store it over there rather than bring it home in-between games.

We also use it for dog agility, obedience, and herding trials (Border Collies). Most of those are within a few hundred miles, so not that much diesel. The convenience of being on-site and not paying for hotels is worth the price of the diesel.

If diesel does keep sky-rocketing we'll either have to cut out something else or re-evaluate or hobbies and entertainment. Maybe I could convince the girls to move out of their apartments and live in the Montana, then Mom and Dad could visit for the sports. That would save a bunch of money. Rightttt.
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