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I monitor 19 exclusively. If I see another RVer the first thing I do is try to call them on 19. If I receive no answer I will than try 13. No answer and I am back on 19.
My CB is on when ever I am on the road and as I said "exclusively on 19". I will stay on 19 until such time as I can get constant traffic reports on 13, which, IMHO, will never happen. Just today I was saved a half hour delay by knowing there was a 3 mile back up on I-95 here in NC. I jumped onto 301 and was back on 95 one exit later with little to no delay. This was just one of many many times I was able to avoid traffic problems and I can't tell you the number of times I possibly would have gotten tagged by radar had I not had advance notice. Add "getting directions" from the locals to the equation and my CB becomes one of the items I do not want to do without.
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