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Originally Posted by Theunz View Post
I would think that any state that required safety chains for a gooseneck would also require them for an Andersen. I doubt you will find any law specifically mentioning the Andersen.
I spoke to Jason from Andersen about this and he said only t states they have heard this being an issue was California and Indiana, otherwise he said has not heard anything else.

Keep in mind last time I spoke to him about this was a year ago, but he never heard of anyone getting a ticket just a warning, but there may be other states that donít consider the Andersen to be a true 5th wheel hitch but I would be hard pressed to think anyone would know if you happen to get pulled over.

If I had to use a traditional 5th wheel hitch with my F350 as a daily driver I would just quit camping bc I would need a slider and that is close to 275lbs to keep pulling in and out of my bed
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