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“When the inevitable fail happen”

Come on! Has anyone had a frame, axle, or suspension failure while towing a 5th wheel with a 3/4 ton, or even know anyone who has? I follow several RV sites, and although the weight police are always clamoring about the doom and gloom of towing with a 3/4 ton, no one has actually ever referenced the aforementioned failure. Sure, I’ll be first to admit that a one ton or a one ton dually is better for towing a modern Montana, but thousands are towing with 3/4 tons without issue. I pulled with a dually for 10 years and can attest to their short comings. Most of that towing was with a 30 foot Jayco Designer and pulling a bass boat behind it. When I switched to the 3/4 ton I noticed little, if any difference. Sometimes I think the weight police just sqwak because “misery loves company”
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