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We use an air fryer both at home and take it with us to our seasonal site.
Does a wonderful job on hamburgers, pork chops, fries and even meatballs.
We set it up under our outside awning and keep it covered when not in use.
I highly recommend it. On those rainy days when the BBQ is out of the question, or when what is being cooked splatters a lot of grease all around the stove, the air fryer shines. All the grease is contained inside the fryer and it is easy to clean when done. We bought the largest one available that was advertised on TV. I believe the name is Power Air Fryer (it is outside now and I am not dressed to go there without screams of terror from the neighbors) 8 or 12 quart. It comes with four trays to cook on, a grease tray for the bottom of the unit, and a rotisserie for cooking sausage, pork rolls, hot dogs, very small chickens and anything else you would normally cook on a rotisserie. Temperature settings and timers are supper easy to understand and use. I do recommend getting the extended warranty with any air fryer you may purchased as I have heard the heating units are the weak point in them but I have been using ours several times weekly for over a year now and not a single problem.
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