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OK, Young couple came by. Does anyone REMEMBER when they were starting out... Well I made them, a heck of a deal. Sofa Sleeper, never used. 1 Recliner I used for a good eight weeks 2nd Recliner used by Daisy May (Bichon) for eight weeks beside me. OK. $300.00. They were so happy. And I was happy to see it go. MUDCHIEF (Dennis) did help by telling me that the back came off of the sleeper sofa, made things easier to get out. That young man was really happy when he drove out of the yard. Now were waiting on the Lazy Boy's and Love seat.
Like I said, the next time, we get our own furniture.. No more of this swaping out later.
OH, DID I TELL EVERYONE """BRANSON IS GREAT IN 2008"" Sign up and come see my new furniture. ha ha ha John
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