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quote:Originally posted by G McCall


Today, I dropped my trailer off at a repair shop.

The direction is that the insurance company will be going to the Repair Shop to take pictures of the trailer floor with the carpet and linoleum removed (by ServPro).

So how much black water was thru the whole monty? From your posting, I'm going to assume not as much as I thought from your original mentioned some got into the floor vents (not flooded?), and they didn't remove all the carpet/vinyl.

The Insurance company will discuss all the repairs with the repair shop, but no repairs can be made until we choose our flooring choices. It seems we can choose what ever we want. We are told by the Repair shop to go to Lowes or the like and choose our flooring. We are to get the stock numbers of the flooring to the Repair shop and they will make the flooring purchase.
BTW, my wife says the flooring I am refering to is vinyl not linoleum.

As for the flooring damage, the preliminary look by the shop is that the sub floor (wood ?) is not damaged. Apparently, the one piece linoleum/vinyl cover, protected the subfloor.
You mentioned they sanitized it "sort of" (?), but didn't mention if they sealed it. Carpeted areas especially. Yes, the vinyl surely protected it...but the vinyl meets the walls and that isn't a sealed, waterproof joint. I doubt if any got under the vinyl due to the glue down, but I'm curious if they pulled the underbelly to see if any leaked down into that area

There are some trim pieces that got wet, including the fake wood face pieces around both slideouts. Repiar shop says these pieces will be replaced with real wood trim. hmm The wife and I never liked the cardboard trim work anyway.

One concern we have with replacing the linoleum is that, the Repair shop may not be able to pull up the cabinets that go from ceiling to floor.

They are simple enough to pull...after all, they went in there with relative ease. You mentioned they are replacing some floor trim due to damage..well, the toe kick on those cabinets is basically floor trim. Did they look at it from behind (you can see it at least under the sink.

It will be hard to replace the linoleum under those cabinets (under ths sinks etc.) The result would be that we have a different linoleum style under some cabinets, than the new linoleum. Not what we would like, BUT I want to point out, we do not want to go back with the original grey looking linoleum that the trailer came with. The Repair shop can cut individual pieces to fit under cabinets when installing the new linoleum, but it will be costly. The carpet install will be no problem.

An option we are considering is to go back in with a wood type flooring and leave the linoleum under cabinets as they are. The new carpet will go back as needed for the slideouts. The ending repair result we hope will be an upgrade appearance.
The Repair shop will not get started for several weeks.
Look for an update of my trailer repair at a later date.
I'm certainly not trying to be melodramatic about this, just trying to be a voice of some experience with these things. Bacterial/viral growth are nothing to screw around with, and long term effects are not always readily apparent. I'm hoping you weren't totally "flooded", as there are a few areas that don't seem totally acceptable to me...but hey, that's just my opinion and I didn't physically see the initial damage. Hope all works out perfect for you with this ! Keep us posted.....

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