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Helen, as always I enjoy your travel blog and your photos, but I especially enjoyed these because we were just a day or two ahead of you. It is really unfortunate that the Rally in Kerrville was a bit too early for the outstanding display of Bluebonnets and other wildflowers that we had this year. For those not familiar with the region, there have been very few wildflowers for the past several years because of prolonged drought. This year the Winter rains brought forth an abundance of flowers. I don't think we have ever seen a better year. It is impossible to capture with photos the vast acres, but we keep trying.

I will presume upon our very good friendship with Bill and Helen, to "piggy-back" on her post here to share some of our photos. In addition to the wildflowers, our trip to Fredericksburg allowed us to have a delightful lunch with Bill and Helen in Boerne.

So presuming upon that friendship here is our web page:

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