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Why do we keep saying " that's ok, look what we subject them to"? Most of the problems I've experienced could easily have been avoided by utilizing proper manufacturing techniques and supplies. They have been building these RVs for decades, and they know where the weak links are. Tiny screws and brads holding heavy objects fastened to whimpy 1/8 in walls. The designers know where the cabinets, shades, and trim are going to go. How hard is it add a small block of wood behind the wall before it's installed? Sheet metal screws holding fenders and lower panels that are over torqued on installation. How about some speed nuts behind these? They're not expensive. Heavy wood trim held on with inadequate sized brads. Maybe use wood screws and a plug to hide them. Come on guys, you know the failure points. It's not that hard, nor much more expensive to do it right. Maybe you could steal some sales from the competition if you built a reliable product. Wouldn't that be a novel idea. Or maybe just wait until the Japoneese or Korean companies come and steal all your sales! Please wake up!

Well it looks like jim55 types a little faster than me. At least two of us are on the same page
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