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Pete, congratulations on the new house!

Pete and Sue, having been over that route with a car, would you have any qualms towing a Montana across that route? I'm now thinking we might stop a few days at Capitol Reef NP, probably around Torrey. And maybe a day or two around Natural Bridges N.M. as we'll have a week to get from Moab to Cannonville (made a reservation in Cannonville rather than Tropic). Also now have a reservation at Moab. A month in each of those two areas.

The route I'm now planning differs from my previous post, though. I'm thinking -
191 south out of Moab to 95 south of Blanding.
95 NW through Glen Canyon to 24 at Hanksville.
24 W through Capitol Reef to 12 at Torrey.
12 through Escalante to Cannonville.

Thoughts anyone?

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