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Originally Posted by WeBeFulltime View Post
You are correct of course, but it looks just like the Roto-Flex that came on our 3791RD built in September. Ours does have the Road Armor suspension instead of MorRyde.

I like the new window treatments (ours is previous style) but don't care for the carpet-free living area.
My reaction to the carpet free living room was the same as yours. I then looked around online and saw that most of the similar companies such as Grand Design and Heartland now have carpet free living rooms for the most part. I just hope they don't have too many more "surprises" before I order my 3791RD in February. The carpet free living room can be tolerated by using a nice area rug. We recently purchased a nice size sheep skin rug from Costco that might also dress up that area. There are acceptable options!!
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