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Wow, that's a very 'multi point' question Mel. My wife and I are in our late 60's. We own a home and travel in our fiver when the weather permits. We also enjoy cruising, occasionally.
We know several couples who are full timers and they all seem to love it. We have thought about what it would be like but we keep coming back to the issue you mention in your question above. To sell your house/property and go full time takes a serious commitment to that life style. We could never do it because we both have too many other interests/hobbies. For example, Lynn quilts. She has several specialty sewing machines and tons of supplies (fabric, batting, threads of all kinds). I build model trains and restore vintage garden tractors. Being a full timer would never allow for these activities. It would be impossible for us to give up these things we love to do.
On the other hand, going full time for a dedicated period, say two or three years, then settling down in your home might be something to consider. You could really see this wonderful country in the time allotted.
You're going to have to give this decision some serious thought. Once you take that BIG step, undoing it is not an option.
Best of luck on your future.
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