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How many of you regret it?

My wife and I are in our mid fifties, We have always dreamed of living in and traveling the united states in a 5th wheel. Well the time for us has come. We are debating on weather to sell our house in Ca. or rent it for a year and then decide. We both feel selling our home would give us that FREE feeling, and allow us to be completely debt free, with a very large bank account from the sale of our home, Also we own acreage in northern Washington state and we will at a minimum build a pole barn and maybe a small home in the future. With all that said why do I have a knot in my stomach when I think of selling our home, and kind of feeling like we will be homeless? I feel like we should be thanking god that we are able to retire at this age. Does everyone feel this way? Did any of you regret it. We both feel this way, we both also feel that selling the house now would allow us to buy another house should we see something we love.(but not really planning on that yet) the kids are grown and live local, so we won't miss our kids near as much as our 6 grand kids LOL. But we feel that it may actually allow more quality time when we visit. Ant thoughts and your story would be great. We've rented a 10x20 storage and are trying to get down to just 10x10. I also have 25' boat that I use in the great pacific ocean, I hate to sell it but dose it make since to pay to store it? Were planning on being out of our house by 01/2018 weather we sell or rent it out. I have a lot more questions but I'll read your stories first.
Thank you, Mel

P.S. We both love to hunt and fish. If we sell the house, what's the process for hunting and fishing license's in different states? Are we still from Ca. and need to buy out of state tags?
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