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Back from the Oregon Trail

Well, we made it back - 2 months and 10 days on the road - sure do love our Monty - what a comfortable rig! The trip was amazing - had a little bit of everything as far as weather, torrential rain, thunder, lightning,wind, hail, snow - yes, got snowed in at Lander, WY, couldn't get over South Pass - so much to see and do - glad we were not the original pioneers - trip was hard enough in a Montana let alone a wagon - Highlights: Steamship Arabia in Kansas City,MO - sunk in 1854 and salvaged in 1998 from a cornfield 45 ft down (the river changed course) everything was preserved - Linden Hill at Mt. Hood, WA where they let the wagons down by rope from the mountain, Guernsey, WY where you could actually walk in the wagon ruts made in the limestone and Register Rock where they carved their names and dates in the rock - all of the Interpretive Centers - Chimney Rock with an actual horse-drawn wagon ride to the base of the rock following the ruts - I could go on and on! Will post some great campgrounds in that category in a few days - have to look thru my papers - Chuck scared us a couple of weeks ago - we were in Corona, CA visiting our daughter and he ended up in the hospital for 5 days with blood clots in his legs,lungs,and pneumonia - patched him up and we made it to Benson, AZ for more bloodwork then on home - too much sitting in the truck driving without stopping and walking around every 2 hours or so - you can bet we did that on the way home - made it into San Antonio on Tuesday and beat the rain on Wednesday - yard is a jungle! Sure missed keeping up with all of you!


P.S. Saw a lot of Montanas and spoke to a lot of the owners, but didn't run across any who were part of the forum - maybe they will check it out!
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