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TrailAir Pin Box Coupler

I am now an Ambassador member of TrailAir and can sell the units. If anyone is interested you can contact me and I will give you my order account # to recieve one straight from the factory at a nice price. Yep, I make a whopping $41 dollars if you do so but you save a lot of money. I plan to live high on the hog from the few sales I might make but I also plan to send some to the forum to help on the monthly expences. Guess I will have to remain on the Burger King diet for a while. You will notice that this is a ger rich opertunity.
NOTE: If you feel this is not appropriate for our forum please let me know and I will remove it. Just trying to save members some money but I do recieve the $41 compensation from it. I believe in telling it like it is.--Rob

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