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Tow Weight Basics

In the past there has been much discussion about tow vehicle loads which when I was a new owner caused me some confusion. With this in mind I thought this basic info might be of help to those new to the wonderful world of fifth wheel towing. The first step is to drive up on a CAT scale at a truck stop when on a trip with a full load. This will yield three values-the weight on each of the TV axles and the combined (total)weight on the trailer axles. Then add the two TV axle weights together. This gives the gross vehicle weight (GVW)-the weight of the TV with its load. Check this value with the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) which is found on the sticker usually located on the drivers door post along with the tire specs and pressures. To be legal the GVW must be less than the GVWR. As an example I have a 3075 Monty and a 2011 ONE ton Ford truck. My GVW, the sum of the two TV axle weights, is 10470 lbs while the GVWR on the sticker is 10700 lbs, so I am legal but just. However I am well within the axle ratings. I understand that it is the GVW that is measured by highway enforcement people.
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