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quote:Originally posted by Desert RVer


Its good to hear that the only problems you have had with your 3400RL is the wiring fire.
That was the one and only major problem. We reported every problem large and small so as to help others avoid issues and to some that came across as I had a lot of problems.

We describe the incident as "the melt down" Because I don't think we actually had a fire as we shut everything down in time. We had a a lot of smoke and melted wiring. It was shoddy workmanship pure and simple and we made Montana well aware of it.

IMO the weakest point of these things was/ is the suspension system....if you use them hard as we do. They have improved with the wet bolts and cross bracing and again IMO they are much sturdier now.

There are full timer folks on the forum that have used and do use these guys much harder than we do.

These are good solid Rv's and with the proper maint and care they will give excellent service...but not without problems.
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