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Originally Posted by DQDick View Post
We've used the Rand McNally GPS since we went full time in 2011. Over 80,000 miles and it hasn't got us in trouble yet.
Had ours for over 4 years. 2 coast to coast trips, only really screwed twice.

Once led us on a back road in Virginia. Thank God I was able to back into and turn around in a church parking lot. People came out wondering why we so far out in the sticks towing! They watched us turn around.

Another time it kept leading us in circles. The RV campground was on a street that GPS thought was weight restricted, so we weren't allowed to go on that road even though the only entrance to RV park was on that road.

One time, however it warned LP restriction in Baltimore tunnels, routed us around them.

Lesson learned...have paper maps and (hopefully) a co-pilot as a backup. When something doesn't look right, it probably isn't.
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