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Pullrite 2600 Review

After 15 seasons of towing with my Reese 16k Slider Hitch, we decided to look at a new hitch for use with our new 2019 Ram. We live on a steep (22% Grade) mountain site in Colorado. In our location, a truck is needed for a lot of uses including hauling our trash. So, I wanted to make it easier as I get older to remove my hitch, for a lot of reasons. Our Reese mounted to the bed with a 75 lb picture frame. That required getting down on hands and knees and turning 4 levers and installing two pins. Next came the 200 lb Reese slider and itís four pins into the picture frame. I use a ceiling mounted electric hoist to remove the Reese. I considered slider hitches built for my Ram. Then, our RV dealer mentioned the Andersen hitch. Like many, I said I donít want a ball hitch, itís not traditional. Then I looked at one and was intrigued. In fact, I was within a few hours of ordering one when I talked to the Engineering department at Andersen. They said it would not work with our steep grade. Did I mention we turn 90 degrees downhill coming off our drive? So, since Pullrite is at our Rally this year, I looked at their hitches. The Pullrite 2600 1P is very similar to the Andersen except reversed. The adapter plate for the Pullrite on the pin box has the ball, while the funnel base fits in the bed of the truck. At about 50 lbs, it is a little heavier than the Andersen, but Pullrite engineers were confident that it would handle our situation. This is an all steel hitch and install was very easy. Yesterday was our first trip with the new hitch. I had a very restless night sleep the night before. On a good day, this is a stressful descent off the drive. My concerns were many. Would the ball break, would the adapter spin, would the base turn? All of my concerns were for naught. The hitch did great in an extreme situation. Towing was very nice, with the clunking of the Reese gone. It is a very easy hitch/unhitch process. I added a caribiner last night to the break away cable to hook into the pull handle. I look forward to being able to remove my hitch for the winter with one hand.
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