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We really do wear this subject out!

I will always err on the side of safety and NO ONE on here should argue that with that!!

Having owned and towed with both SRW and DRW I still say that the DRW is a superior tow platform. Granted it may be a little inconvenient to park at the beauty parlor but what we should be talking about is its capability as a TOW vehicle. You can get the wheels turning with a 1/2 ton if you are an idiot but I'm going to recommend that you always buy at least the next size larger truck than the ratings say you have to have. Particularly if your bumping right up against the top of the recommended ratings.

I'll also bring up the point that NOBODY buys a DRW because they like fat rear ends or extra tires. But there are thousands on the road and they make new ones every day. For every one person that says they are happy with downgrading from a dually to an SRW there are 10 that say the opposite. I am certainly in the group that says a dually is a superior TOW vehicle PERIOD! But then I am a rough and tough old country boy working in the oilfields. Driving a heavier truck doesn't phase me a bit and to be honest the new duallies ride better than 1/2 tons did 20 years ago.

Buy the dually and be done with it. You will not regret it and will not have to worry about if you have enough truck you will know you do! After all we aren't towing jet skis around with these things!!
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