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Originally Posted by MS 2018 Montana View Post
Thank you for all your replies but I still need some help. Some of you asked about my weight distribution...we had that checked and everything is perfect. The RV is not overweighted and when it is hooked up it is nice and straight. The fact is, this 2018 3000RE has two flattened out and bent axles. We where told by axle experts that we will need reinforced or what they call "double-up" axles. They say that that will solve our problems. Has any one of you ever heard of "double-up" axles?? I have talked to the Dexter people about the problem and they have agreed to send me two replacement axles. If these axles are the same as what I have already on my rig, I will have to start this process all over again in a year or so...not to happy about that! Should I have those axles installed or wait and get the MOR/ryde IS system?...not to thrilled about the idea of spending an other $7000! The rig is in Hudson, Florida right now and if we do decide to have the axles replaced, we will have it done in Florida. Can someone recommend a good axle replacement garage in the vicinity of Tampa (we are in Hudson which is North of Tampa)?
I'm curious as to just what you mean by "flattened out axles". Are you saying the axel tubes are crushed flat?
We arrived at our winter base couple of weeks ago and found one tire badly worn on the inside. I'm taking it in next week for what I expect is an alignment. As a result I'm sort of educating myself on suspension and very interested in this discussion. I'm a bit surprised that I could get that far out in just two years. As far as I can tell I don't see any damage to the axels or springs or anything and I'm not aware of hitting anything to cause damage other than the normal horrific conditions of our Interstates.
Also the thought of IS and disc brakes has entered my head but I'm not sure I want to lay out that kind of $. We are half timers and don't move that much. About 9000 miles in two years.
I really appreciate the knowledge base of this forum.
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