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Bent and flatten out axles w/worned out tires

Today 12:25 AMMS 2018 Montana
Hi everyone!
We have a 2018 3000RE Legacy package. After owning this Montana for just over a year, 12,000 miles later, we have two flattened out axles with two worn out tires (two inches on the inside of the back tires). We took it in to an expert axle replacement shop and they brought the axles back and replaced the bad tires. They told us that this was a temporary solution. for about 2500 miles. They said that what we really needed was "double-up" or reinforced axles. Have any one of you ever heard about double-up or reinforced axles? Will this solve my problem? I have already spent more than $1700. and don't want to go thru this again. Can anyone reccomend a good axle replacement shop near northern tampa, more specifically, Hudson, Florida? Thank you for all your suggestions and help!
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