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Originally Posted by Montana Man View Post
Speedster, the OP asked for advice. He is getting it. Anyone condoning an F250 with a gvwr of 10k lbs. to pull a 40' is giving bad advice.
EXACTLY. When someone ASKS for advice on here they deserve the debate that has happened here.

CLEARLY everyone and his brother has thoughts on this!

The one thing I try to do when I answer the question is keep the OP in mind NOT the rest of you. If I was new to the towing game and was asking such questions I would want someone to steer me in the direction of being safe for certain. That's why I tell folks like that what I consider the safest route. IF they decide to do less then its on them and I have a clear conscious.

I do agree with one thing for sure though. There are a lot of folks that have never towed that go out and buy a 40' 5th wheel and head off down the road. I fear those folks far more than those who are a little overweight!!
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