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I was beginning to wonder if anything came out of those 15 minutes but I found out about 3 weeks ago they were VERY productive.

I will try to make this as short as possible.

Very shortly after arriving home with our new Montana, we discovered that the front of the microwave was severely scratched. We were in the middle of the PDI when the rains came. We noticed it when the sun was shining through the door and hitting it. I reported it to our salesman who requested pictures. He passed them along to the delivery manager who was there during the PDI. After going back and forth for a while, he was not confident that Keystone would replace the unit. I got the feeling that is was "Too bad, so sad" situation. At the fall rally, the 15 minute service tech was shown that problem along with several other small things. Nothing serious. I explained the situation to Chris Stender who made calls and spoke to our salesman. Nothing progressed from that conversation and I let Chris know about it. I made contact with the delivery manager again and again, he stated that since it was not pointed out to him at delivery, there was not much HE could do. I begged him to contact Keystone and try. Months passed and nothing. In January, I sent a quick e-mail to him to find out his progress. It had slipped his mind and he would see what he could do. At the same time, I called Keystone customer service I spoke to a young man who looked up my file and found out that the replacement was approved. The entire report of the 15 minutes with a service tech was in the file. He told me that it was his boss who did the inspection! All they were waiting for was to be contacted by the delivery manager to make the arrangements. The delivery manager from Camping World must have contacted them shortly after. He replied to my e-mail by stating "Indeed, Keystone will cover the replacement". There was another small issue with the scare light rusting that they were also going to fix. So, yes, going to the rally and spending the time with the service tech paid off. Thank you Keystone.
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