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I just removed and filled both my tanks in preparation for a trip to Huntsville, Alabama to see the kids and grand kids, did a great job of putting leak detector on the connections to check for a leak. Did a terrible job of checking the gas flow to the stove after installing the filled tanks. Went in the trailler and lit the forward burner, gas was flowing good and the burner lit, I turned it off ( I thought ) My wife went in the trailer the next day to put some more stuff in it. She smelled a funny odor. She came in the house and told me we had a gas leak. I tore out there and sniffed around and looked at the stove top...One nice burnt spot showing. I lifted the top and the burner flame was barley visible to me. I just did not turn it all the way off. I was able to repaint the top and it shows no worse for wear now... Lesson learned. Have wife to put stuff in trailer after I do something stupid...
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