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If you have the clearance between your Monty and the cab of your truck, I made a bike rack that bolts on to the side of the hitch pin of the trailer that uses a reciever hitch bike rack. I used a bolt-on reciever from northern tools, 2 pieces of 3/4 in. angle steel and 1 piece of flat steel to mount the reciever on. I used the extra holes on the sides of the hitch pin box to mount the angle steel. You can used it on any extended hitch pin expecially if you have a long bed truck.
I used a bike mount that you set the wheel of the bikes into instead of a hanger type bike rack. This makes it easier to load and unload, plus it makes the bike tires even at the bottom of the rack.
I can send some pictures if you are interested. It is very easy to make, install and very inexpensive. The bike rack is the most expensive part.
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