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Lightbulb J-panel for the cavity pull-out stairs leave behind(?)

We have an ‘18 Montana HC 305RL. I have MorRyde’s fold-out steps ordered. I have not yet ordered MorRyde’s toolbox (to go in the cavity where existing steps resided) because, after looking at things, it seems to me that a piece of j-panel would fit nicely into that space. Has anyone tried this, yet? The cavity, itself (roughly ~32” wide) where pull-out steps are/were has no j-panel currently present, of course; but at each end of the j-panels (where they meet at each end of the door) has a lip roughly 3/4” wide..that would make a nice place for a new piece of j-panel to lay—the new j-panel would [seemingly] lay nice & flush with existing panel(s). A couple of rivets on each side would hold it snug; and in my opinion, having been painted to match, would like as good (or IMO better) than a black toolbox (that, from what I can tell, doesn’t even fully fill the void, and certainly isn’t flush).

Again, has anyone tried this, or thought of this?
From earlier reading, I’m under the impression that j-panel typically comes in long lengths, is typically white in color(?), and that there are some potential bear traps in achieving the correct paint color/tint...still, I can’t help but wonder about it..
If I could get my hands on a short (~36”) piece of j-panel, I’d certainly give it a legit. shot.
Please feel free to share thoughts & ideas. If I’ve got it figured incorrectly, altogether, please shine some light on this ill-conceived plan.

PS: it’s not my intent to rag on aforementioned fact, if the j-panel pipe dream doesn’t pan out, I’ll most likely purchase one.
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