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Originally Posted by rollingdownthehighway View Post
I didn't upload the pic from my phone, did it from my pc which shows the pics in the correct way
Did you take the pic with your phone and then upload it to your PC before uploading to the MOC?

I have found that if I take a pic in Landscape mode, it uploads correctly. If you take the pic in Portrait mode, it uploads rotated. I use a Samsung phone. Your mileage may vary.

It seems that most of the photo display tools on the PC will attempt to correct a rotated orientation. I use Window Explorer, the View set to big icons, to find pictures. W.E. displays the rotation as it will appear when uploaded to the MOC. But clicking on the pic, depending on the program associated with the JPG. usually rotates it to the proper orientation. Don't ask me why.

Here is a screen shot of a W.E. view of some pics. The second pic from the right (20160719.163810) was taken in Portrait mode but W.E. previews it as Landscape.It does appear correctly when I open it with my default picture viewer. I have to "Rotate" the JPG using a picture editor to change the orientation before uploading to the MOC.

MOC - Windows Explorer Pic Displays.JPG
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