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They are all going to have issues, If you are going to be RVing you might just as well accept they will have problems and break. I'd rather fix everything I can myself than let someone in an RV dealership making a few bucks over minimum wage learn as they go. Most of the small stuff is so easy to repair... I don't understand the whole issue of leaking gear box's, should they leak NO but they do, so take it apart and silicone the joints so they don't leak.... Fixed ! Trim falling off ........of course it will, rattling down the road with a spot of glue here and there and a couple staples to hold it on... Put some silicone on it brad nail it back on and it never moves again... Glue & heat build up don't mix well.... it will fall off. I"ve had good luck with Keystone in comparison to Crossroads, no leaks, frame issues, large appliance or equipment failures other than the slide gear box's. All the issues have been due in part to shoddy workmanship/design/manufacturing process's or cheap parts.... Every RV brand out there is having the same regardless of price point....
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