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Sparatacus 07-15-2019 12:57 AM

Bought a new Tow Truck
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I have been looking for a new tow truck but I wanted a 2018 body style 3500 so after looking on the web I seen that the dealer had some leftover 2018 ram 3500 and 2500 diesel. So I took the wife and myself down to the dealer to look at them and low and behold their they were.

The leftover 3500 had only 19 miles on it, it came with a backup and bed camera which I could use back up to my fiver. This is a loaded SLT with everything that I will use, the only thing that it didn't have that my have is heated seat and steer wheel, don't care for that anyway it even had the factory gooseneck hitch package prep.

I don't have it yet because I told them that I have a few stuff that I have to take off of my 2500.

RoadRunnerTR21 07-15-2019 05:09 AM

Nice find!

jsb5717 07-15-2019 07:40 AM

She's a beauty. We've got a 2012 and I love how it pulls.

DQDick 07-15-2019 08:49 AM

Congratulations. We love our 2017 except once a month and once a year when the payments and taxes come due.:facepalm::hide::lol:

1retired06 07-15-2019 10:41 AM

Always nice to get a new truck!

sambam 07-15-2019 12:26 PM

Congratulations. Took the plunge earlier this year myself. The creature comforts are hard to ignore these days. Enjoy your new ride.

Sparatacus 07-15-2019 01:32 PM

Thank you guys I am very excited to pick her up this week. I have a question the truck that I will be picking up this week have the gooseneck prep in it and the one that I have now is the B&W slider and I can't transfer it to my new truck. So I'm looking for the base only, but here the question, can I get away with the base non-slider and not get the slider? The non-slider in cheaper of course but I was wondering before I order can I get away with the non-slider, thanks guys for your help.

Sdgood1 07-15-2019 01:38 PM

Only problem I see is it's a Dodge!!! JUST kidding, nice ride, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My ford had all the fancy stuff, that I now find to be very useful! Especially the heated seats, they work great for the old lower back pain. You can get away with not having the slider, until you need it. IMHO

jcurtis934 07-15-2019 02:21 PM

Hate raised white letters on tires. Hate Firestone tires even more...but hey, up to the buyer.

Sparatacus 07-15-2019 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by jcurtis934 (Post 1151375)
Hate raised white letters on tires. Hate Firestone tires even more...but hey, up to the buyer.

I do to, but on worry because I have Cooper XLT so they are going on the new one alone with my custom wheel.

mlh 07-15-2019 02:56 PM

Very nice truck. Enjoy!

Sparatacus 07-15-2019 04:03 PM

Thank you mlh.

mlh 07-15-2019 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Sparatacus (Post 1151390)
Thank you mlh.

Thanks. I think we have 3 great trucks to choose from. I have a Ford but that doesnít matter. Everyone should choose the one that suits their needs. Everybody has different things that are important to them. For some itís the color or the seats or sound system, price or whatever is important to you.
Again congratulations you have a great truck.

DadsHemi 07-15-2019 08:38 PM

Congrats on your New Ram 3500

Sparatacus 07-15-2019 10:18 PM

Thank you guys for your congratulations.

Sparatacus 07-20-2019 06:39 PM

Hey guys my payload on my new 1 ton is around 3900 and my fiver is about 12,000 lbs will I need Timbrens? I'm thinking not so how much of a sag is normal?

mazboy 07-20-2019 07:13 PM

no, you have a one ton. but, feel free to add on, we all do.

Sparatacus 07-21-2019 06:34 AM

Thank you sir, I will keep the money for something else

suny07 07-21-2019 06:44 AM

Hi Sparatacus,

nice truck :socool:

You could add some Airbags. Pretty simple to install and will give much stability.
I have this manual fill on mine 4x4 2017 3500 Mega which give 5,000lbs support.
There is also a 7,000lbs version but I guess that's overboard.


Sparatacus 07-21-2019 08:18 AM

Thank you Mike that is in the back of my mind, I'm taken off my wireless remote from air lift tomorrow because I might use it if I should decide to install them. I have Firestone air bag on my 2017 2500 ram but I'm going to leave those on but I will see.

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