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S.bintliff 11-11-2019 06:09 AM

2000 Montana
I just bought a 2000 Montana, everything works but the lights and appliances keep going on and off. Turned everything off except tv, still went off in about an hour. Any thoughts on this and how to resolve the issue?

S.bintliff 11-11-2019 06:17 AM

2000 Montana blinking lights
I just bought a 2000 Montana 5th wheel. The lights and appliances are going on and off. I turned everything off except tv and it went out 2 times. Any ideas where to start? I'm thinking it's the power inverter, but not sure how to make a proper diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marilynd 11-11-2019 06:19 AM

Congratulations on your Montana. Welcome to the forum! There are many knowledgeable friendly members in the forum. I hope you find your solution soon. Good luck.

jimcol 11-11-2019 06:44 AM

On a 2000 model I doubt you have an inverter. You do have a converter to make 120vac to 12 vdc. That will charge your battery and run all your 12volt lights, furnace, refrigerator control board, and probably some things I am not thinking of. Since you mentioned your TV going off I will assume the issue is on the 120 vac side. First place I would start is to insure all connection are tight. I'd start inside your breaker panel, tighten all lugs, hots, neutrals, and grounds. If the problem continues I'd do the same at your incoming plug receptacle, and the lugs on the power cord. Be sure to kill the shore power before working on it.

S.bintliff 11-11-2019 06:49 AM

Thank you!

BB_TX 11-11-2019 08:30 AM

Some questions.
Are you losing power to both the 120 vac devices and the 12 vdc devices?
How long does power remain off? And does it return by itself, or something you do?
Is the timing random, or regular?

dhuhn 11-11-2019 09:00 AM

Sound like it might be your converter going bad. I’m not an electrician so maybe someone else will chime in. Not sure how to test it.

AZ Traveler 11-11-2019 09:23 AM

To add on to Bill's questions:
-Are you connected to shore power or just running off the batteries?
-Does your rig have a 30 or 50 amp system?
-Is this a travel trailer or 5th wheel?

S.bintliff 11-11-2019 10:17 AM

Running off shore power, both ac and DC blink. Power goes off and comes right back on. When tv goes off I can turn it back on right away, seems to cut out after about an hour. Heater working fine and 30amp plug for camper. I'm hoping that the battery needs charged from sitting so long. I just bought it and not sure how long it has set. Just plugged it in yesterday around 1:30 pm. Did not notice until i got back to the camper around 6pm.

psomers 11-12-2019 07:23 AM

If your TV is a Jensen it may be running off 12V DC. My unit came with a Jensen that would operate off 12V DC. Check what it is plugged into. If it looks like a cigarette lighter it is 12V DC. Maybe your only losing DC.

AZ Traveler 11-12-2019 11:55 AM

Recommend you pull your batteries and take them to an auto parts store to get tested.

BB_TX 11-12-2019 01:12 PM

If the 120 vac and the 12 vdc are both “blinking” at the same time (and by blinking I assume a momentary lose of power) then my guess would be the following. One, your battery(s) is bad and not supplying good 12 volts. Two, the converter is supplying the 12 vdc. And three, you are momentarily losing 120 vac power causing the converter to momentarily also drop out, and losing both the 120 AC power and 12 vdc momentarily at the same time. That would suggest a loose or bad connection to shore power. That could be a problem at the park outlet, a problem with your power cord, a problem at the trailer connector where your cord plugs in (some of those reported lately), or a problem in your distribution panel.

S.bintliff 11-16-2019 08:35 AM

Thank you all for your inputs. I let the trailer sit for 2 days not using anything but frig. And heater. All power seems to be restored. My question now is, does the montana require a battery to operate? I have spoke to a lot of people living in rvs with no batteries at all. They run completely off shore power. I'm just not sure what happened but everything works and no blinking or going off.

laverdur 11-17-2019 02:25 PM

You should have at least one battery to support the 12 volt loads in your Monty and to provide power for emergency braking of the Monty if it separates from your TV. The converter is not designed to support the 12 volt loads 100% of the time. It is designed to charge the battery.

S.bintliff 11-18-2019 09:26 AM

Thank you all, wound up having a bad breaker at the pole.

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