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masterdrago 12-17-2019 08:43 PM

Foremost RV Insurance through Farmers
Our RV insurance will come up to renew in March. Currently $98/mo. We have out TV, 2001 Towncar and home through a Farmers agent. I had gotten several quotes that were considerably higher from others. As the coverage is so complicated, it's hard to compare but what say others about our pricing?

mazboy 12-18-2019 06:58 AM

you really need to sit down with your insurance agent and learn what is covered or not covered.
Each state and each family has 'their' coverage and it will vary greatly so you aren't going to be measuring apples to apples. i.e. what level of deduction do you want? do you want full replacement coverage? Just liability? Full timers coverage?

good luck.

DQDick 12-18-2019 08:26 AM

Since we full time, have complete replacement and full timers insurance, and have our car and truck on the policy also I can't give you a cost breakdown but you could get a quote from our agent at

lightsout 12-18-2019 10:38 AM

We also have a 3791 2019 Legacy Full Body Paint. I have shopped insurance nationwide we Pay $450.60 per year through Brown and Brown of Kentucky who uses Safeco.

We recently purchased our 3791RD however had Class A prior also insured with Brown and Brown, I looked at every option including moving my homeowners and autos to just about every Major insurer however still the RV insurance was very expensive.

Then I discovered Brown and Brown of Kentucky, while they did not have better rates on cars and home they blew everyone away with RV rates.

Look issurers play a little game they try to convince you to Bundle to save $$$ but if say car insurance is low and there home and RV are high there is no savings, they just make you think there is because you are "Bundling" do not fall for that.

We have learned to buy insurance from whom ever is lowest (assuming they are A-rated or better) so our Home is with one, our cars with another and Rv with a third. No bundle from any company can touch our low total insurance cost.

Brown and Brown of Kentucky
866 472-3326

Another example every insurer was more than $2K for our class A brown and Brown was $1100 per year.

We were also forced to really shop all our insurances as we have a Tesla which is hard to insure, we were with esurance however when we bought the F350 they do not insure any truck over 3/4 tom (they consider anything over 3/4 commercial). It was a process to find affordable insurance for all these special vehicles....

Bob and Jeannette 01-01-2020 02:41 PM

We have GEICO and it’s exactly what you are paying. I said yes to everything, replacement RV, 10k personal property, 500k liabilities and roadside assistance. If you don’t have homeowners the liability insurance sounds pretty good in case you run someone down with a shopping cart etc

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