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twindman 02-28-2015 02:05 AM

Fading/yellowing side molding
I got my Mountaineer last summer (new) after it sat on the lot for a year or so. The side molding was yellow and was replaced under warranty. My question is: How do I prevent this in the future? It seems like one year here in AZ could be a problem, but since I live here it will likely happen again.
Is there something I can clean it with to keep it white?

dieselguy 02-28-2015 02:16 AM

If you're talking about the moulding between the end caps and sidewall, mine oxidise as well. I've made them white again with Mr Clean Magic Erasers and then applied Aerospace 303 to cut down on UV ... they still oxidise but more slowly. I prefer the old painted extrusions with the vinyl inserts, but Keystone designers don't.

davidaf 02-28-2015 03:28 AM

Mr Clean for me as well. I talked to the last guy that washed the 5er, he said he painted his and has done several others. I may go that route.

Rondo 02-28-2015 03:35 AM

The reason most moldings/plastics turn yellow is because whoever make them are using "recycled" plastics. IF "virgin" or new plastic is used the moldings/plastics will not yellow! If you will notice, most of the microwave/stove vents on your units turn yellow within the first year to year and a half. This is because they are using recycled plastics to make these. The only way you can stop this is like both of the other members have stated-- either remove them and paint them white or use some sort of UV reducing element on them like Aerospace 303 OR stay out of the sun with your unit and we all know that can not happen. :D;)

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