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Montana_44 11-20-2002 01:32 AM

do we NEED to winterize???
hey all, thanks for posting all the thoughts on the winterizing process, but i'm a little confused. i realize most folks take their coach south for the winter or stow it, hence the need to winterize; no problem there. sybil (spousal unit) and i bought our coach specifically because we felt it was one of the best on the market as far as four season or winter camping was concerned. we grow cut flowers during the warmer months and the winter is the only time we have to get away. we didn't want to just go south into the heat since we work in it during the rest of the year and figured on going north and west as well.
my question among many, is this: how cold do y'all figure, preferably from personal experience, that our montana can handle?? we live in the peidmont of north carolina where anna montana is currently hooked up with power and water. we plan to go out for our first shakedown cruise to a local state park in a few days, with a slightly longer one into the virginia mountains a little later. we've already had a few light frosts and the flowers are dead for the year (....a hushed whew.....finally.....haha) but we haven't had a hard freeze yet. expect one this weekend. so tell us....can she take it?? thanks y'all, gary.

gary and sybil calder
sunrise to sunset gardens
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