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c214dick 08-11-2019 06:40 PM

New truck
We have finally decided to get a new truck after 16 yrs with old faithful. Our preference is Dodge, Chevy/GM, Ford in that order. Our ideal truck must have an 8í bed, SRW, crew cab, automatic, diesel, be able to haul up to 17000 lbs and be 2 wheel drive.
Now you 4x4 guys donít beat me up as it is very difficult, for us physically to get in a 4x4.
I have done a number of searches on the big 3 web sites and can match almost anything except the two wheel drive. FYI 8í SRW are somewhat scarce but available.
We are willing to travel.

Thx for any suggestions

Dick and Louise Whiteside

mlh 08-11-2019 06:51 PM

Great when you get your next truck I hope you enjoy it.
I would suggest you go try out all three to make sure you get the best truck for YOU.

kayakfisher 08-11-2019 07:20 PM

About only area that will have 2wd will be Texas or Louisiana dealerships. Usually around Dallas and Houston where minimal snow.

c214dick 08-11-2019 08:13 PM


mtlakejim 08-11-2019 08:46 PM

Despite what some folks think about me on here, this is one time I will say get what you need. I can understand if you physically have issues getting into a 4x4. It is great to have but if it is an issue then ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Just using a little common sense it isn't too hard to avoid getting into situations where you would need it.

Likewise if you are fulltimers that only occasionally tow your camper and the truck is your only vehicle then the SRW may suit your lifestyle better. Its not like you haven't towed before and don't know what your getting into.

Having said the above. IF someone who has never towed before asks me what the best truck to pull one of these monsters is I am still going to recommend 1 ton 4x4 long bed diesel dually. That is in my not so humble opinion the best TOW truck. It might not fit everyone's needs as is the case for the OP but it is the best tow truck for Monty sized rigs period! Anyone suggesting less would be doing a disservice to a Newbie (which the OP is decidedly not). I don't think I am alone in this thought process or it would be easy to find two wheel drive SRWs. There is a very good reason why the 4x4 1 ton dullies are so popular. It's certainly not because folks like to pay more for their trucks or a wide rear end.

c214dick 08-11-2019 09:39 PM

After pulling with our 03, for 16 yrs, we’re pretty confident that we don’t need a 4x4. We have only been in two situations that we ran into trouble and both of those involved ice. A few bags of sand and ice melt took care of that. Thx for your comments.

mazboy 08-12-2019 05:42 AM

Curious on why you can't get into a 4x4? I don't recall them being any higher...

We have it and never use it.

I'd wait now and take a look at the new 2020 chevy.gmc trucks.

Enjoy looking

c214dick 08-12-2019 06:36 AM

A few inches higher, at least.

jsb5717 08-12-2019 08:34 AM

Yep, a 4x4 is definately taller. I wouldn't be without one but I understand the challenge. My buddy has a 2WD RAM and it's definately a little easier to get into. Seems like you need running boards for either, though. I have good ones and have no trouble stepping up into mine.

I wouldn't beat anyone up over 2WD vs 4WD. There are definate advantages to both.

rames14 08-12-2019 08:56 AM

Dick, I should interject that getting into our 2013 Ram 4x4, even with running boards was a big step up. The new electric running boards are lower. Even my 91 year old father-in-law gets into it easier now with the new 2019. Just a suggestion of something to look at.

c214dick 08-12-2019 09:04 AM

Thx. Will do. Louise is the benchmark

richfaa 08-12-2019 10:30 AM

I agree with you on post #5 MtLakeJim. We have the 4x4 and used it maybe 4 or 5 times but we needed it when we used it.4x4's are a bit higher.

MidMOTraveler 08-12-2019 01:21 PM

The power running board are nice, we have them on our F450 4x4.
My buddy liked them so much he had Ram dealer install them on his Ram 4x4. I don’t know if they are normally available on the 1 ton Ram or not, but he has them now. He’s a big guy with bad knees and loves them.

Texan 08-12-2019 04:30 PM

I have the electric running boards on my 2013 ram 4x4. They are lower than the standard running boards that came on the truck. I had the dealer give me credit for the running boards that came on the truck to offset the electric ones. My wife has two artificial knees and the standard boards were to high. I do carry me a wooden stool while traveling just in case I have a problem with her side of the truck. As for as 4 wheel drive i've had a couple of times i've needed it so I am glad I have it and I feel I will get most of my money back for the 4 wheel drive when I sell or trade-in. I live in Houston and you won't find to many 2 wheel drive diesel Rams in the area.

c214dick 08-13-2019 12:00 PM

Looking at a short instead of long bed. Should I be concerned with changing my hitch not being a slider?

c214dick 08-13-2019 03:59 PM

The new truck has the puck system but my old Reese used rails. I know I saw an adapter kit in order to use the rail type hitch with the puck system. You think I could find it now? HA

jsb5717 08-13-2019 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by c214dick (Post 1155526)
Looking at a short instead of long bed. Should I be concerned with changing my hitch not being a slider?

It depends on which 5er model you have and how tightly you want to turn. We all know that 90 degrees isn't good for the axles but most newer 5ers still turn 75-80 degrees or more with a short box.

With my Andersen Hitch the ball is directly over the axle and I can turn very sharply. I haven't measured it but I also haven't come so close to the cab that I was uncomfortable. I would guess that I can turn 80 degrees with mine. Haven't needed to turn that tightly yet...:thumbsup:

I just know that I have to pay attention

jking 08-13-2019 06:24 PM

That is exactly what I have except it’s 4x4. I love it, it has the 6.7l diesel and it pulls my 3402rl. At 16000 lbs +. Like a scalded dawg! It’s rated at 17600 for a fifth wheel. RAM has some really great innovations and ergonomics too. I did add firestone airbags but probably didn’t need to. Oh and I always get the long bed. Enjoy whichever ride you get.

Daryles 08-13-2019 07:47 PM

After test driving an f250 base model and an f350 Lariate, we chose the Lariate. Comfortable ride was the deciding factor especially being on the road for 6-8 hours at a time.

AZ Traveler 08-13-2019 07:55 PM


Recommend you order your truck and get exactly what you want. Since you have kept your truck 16 years waiting a few weeks should be worth it.

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