View Full Version : Reese Slider Hitch...sticking problem.

Random Line
05-03-2003, 02:21 PM
Having a shortbed truck 2002 PSD 350 we also purchased a 16 k slider hitch along with our 2003 Montana Model 3255. During a 3 month trip which ended yesterday it caused us problems in tight quarters at several campgrounds because the thing would usually not extend. Finally another Fifth Wheel RV'er brought over a can of silicon spray which loosened the thing up allowing us to roll it back on its rails while it was unhooked from the trailer and we discovered the problem. On top of each of the rails at the very front there was a paper label put on during the factory assembly. Evidently these were put on before the fifth wheel carriage was rolled forward. When it was the front rollers rolled over each label about an inch. This along with close tolerances created the sticking situation. This thing stuck quite badly when in travel mode and would not easily allow the fifth wheel carriage to roll back into manuever mode as designed. When it did let go it stopped at the other end of the rails with a resounding crash alarming the entire campground. After we soaked the paper labels mentioned with silicon spray and scraped them off of the rails everthing works as advertised and we can do campground manuevers at will.

I hope this little story helps someone else with the same hitch and problem.

James R. Kastner