View Full Version : BMS dead help

08-18-2021, 07:15 AM
turned off the generator last night and everything went dead.
checked to battery 13.2 volts nothing coming out of the Daly BMS needed power so I disconnected the BMS for 12 volt power for the night. everything worked as should.
now my real issue Amazon has none, Ebay has none. like mine everything is stock in china and don't want to wait 4 weeks.
with just using my 5th wheel battery charger ( charges 13.2 volts I believe) will this hurt anything since it wont take it up to 14.6 volts?
I wont come close to draining my battery 280 ah using approximately 30- 40 amp hr a night. I know I have to run down the road like this so my emergency brakes will engage if needed.

looking for some help.
Thank you

08-18-2021, 09:11 AM
FIXED !!!!!
you tube is great,
seems my BMS went to sleep. tried multiple fixes and finally it turned on.
the fix that did work was taking my 14.6 charger hooking positive to positive then negative to P1 instead of B1 this reversed the current and the BMS came to life.
re-hooked everything up and we are good.