View Full Version : Usery Mt. Rec. Area, Mesa, AZ

04-08-2003, 06:26 AM
Hello Everyone,

Well we take off the 12th for AZ. We will be there just a little over one week. We plan to stay in Usery Mt. recreation area in the city of Mesa.

It is an urban park with an all natural setting. It has water and elec but no sewer connection. Thank goodness it does have a dump station. It is only about 5 miles from where our daughter lives so we'll be able to visit very easily.

It is about a 525 mile trip for us so we'll be staying on the road one night each direction. We'll be visiting one of the many American Indian casinos. This one belongs to the Morongo tribe. It is near San Bernardino, CA. Located right near the casino is an Outlet Mall! Wonder where my wife will be? LOL

Happy Easter to everyone and hope to see you on the road.


Spouse- Mary Kay
HamRad- Dennis
Stormy & Roscoe,