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01-29-2005, 03:26 AM
Hey all, I am looking at purchasing a Mountaineer Fifthwheel, 329RLS, it's a new floorplan for 2005, wife and I really like the layout. Any way, I have a Ford 250 XLT Super Duty Pwerstroke Diesel V-8 7.3 Liter, Extended Cab-Long bed, The trailer weight is 12,600 approx. GVW..This truck should be okay? I am asking.. Thank You for your comments ahead of time...Sincerely Mr. Stalder.:)

01-29-2005, 06:59 AM
The main thing to watch when hooking a 5er & 3/4 ton is the pin weight of the trailer. The manufacturer's figure does not include any water in the tanks, propane or personal stuff onboard. These things will add several hundred pounds to the published pin weight. It is the GVWR of a 3/4 ton that usually is the first thing to be exceeded pulling a 5er. You should be ok on GCWR, Tow rating, etc. There are a bunch on this site pulling 30' plus units with the F250 without issues. Some of those folks will surely chime in shortly.

01-29-2005, 10:16 AM
Should be no problem but Palebluedot is right about pinweight. I just put airbags on mine. If yours has the helper leaf you probably won't need airbags. Or maybe the pinweight won't require it. We're towing with a 3/4 ton as are many folks here. Our Montana's actual weight at last weighing was 13,980 with pinweight of 3120.

You probably will not be loaded to the full GVWR of the Mountaineer. UVW, unloaded vehicle weight, of that model is not listed yet on the mountaineer website but the 328RLS shows UVW of 10015 with GVWR of 12135. So figure yours will be 10,500 plus battery, propane, gear, water, etc.