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10-02-2018, 07:48 AM
It looks like I'm finally going to get to take the 5th W somewhere warm this winter and work from home. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice park in a warmer climate? I'm open to all suggestions but have been considering AZ, NM and NV. I need to be fairly close to an airport. Thanks, everyone!

10-02-2018, 07:56 AM
We "winter up" near Harlingen, TX for six months every year. Nice area. Safe. Affordable. Decent airport. Close to South Padre Island. We highly recommend this area and there are plenty of RV parks to choose from!

10-02-2018, 09:03 AM
Thanks for the recommendation. The year-round weather looks great there. I've worked in San Antonio and still have friends there, so Harlingen wouldn't be too far away, plus I love the ocean.


10-02-2018, 10:01 AM
Our winter home base is in Lakewood, NM, but it is the high desert so you have to like a little bit of cold weather or you can do like we do and go to AZ in January.

10-09-2018, 11:22 AM
Try looking at pioneer in Wellton AZ only 20 minutes outside Yuma

10-09-2018, 11:25 AM
2X South Texas

Mel B.
10-16-2018, 08:58 AM
We spent a month boondocking in Quartzite Arizona. last Feb. It was great. If your not into boondocking their were a lot of Full hookup parks reasonably priced. Close enough to a major airport.

10-17-2018, 12:46 PM
We just started our eighth season in Tucson. Why 8 winters in the same place you ask? For us the number one thing is the people we have met here. A lot of them have been coming here longer than we have. Number 2 we like to ride bikes both mountain and road. Tucson has plenty of both. Hiking all around to. Lots of activities and entertainment here in the park We do get some frosty mornings now n then but it goes away real quick. The best way to describe this park is eclectic funk, just the way we like it.
I like to see where other folks go incase we move on from this place.
Desert Trails RV Park.

10-19-2018, 12:36 PM
Interesting. We just signed up at Desert Trails this winter and are anxious to try a different area. We usually spend most of the winter in western AZ, along the Colorado River.

04-12-2019, 11:08 AM
Mesa AZ

04-12-2019, 02:03 PM
We've been down here at Valley Vista RV Park, in Benson, AZ for the past four winters and will be back next year too! Benson is a small town about an hour out of Tucson and 30 minutes from Sierra Vista but nearly everything one needs-- Safeway, Ace Hardware, Walmart, a Lumber company, hospital, 2 laundromats besides the ones in the campground, numerous restaurants and fast food shops, about 4-5 motels, and about 9 campgrounds. It is near a lot of tourist locations also. Check it out!

04-12-2019, 02:14 PM
We wintered in the SW for a couple of winters in Tucson and Apache Junction nothing negative about the winters. It was suggested we try central Florida . We did and we have been wintering here for several years. Plenty of water as Florida is surrounded by water. IMO the winters are more pleasant in Central Florida. We are near Disney World and worked there as casual cast members. Space center nearby plenty of great restaurants.The cost of living was comparable to the SW. We just shopped around and landed in Florida.

04-27-2019, 03:42 PM
Try looking at pioneer in Wellton AZ only 20 minutes outside Yuma

Hope wind is not out of the north. Huge cattle feedlot north of Wellton. Very strong and disgusting odor

08-18-2020, 01:55 PM
Hope wind is not out of the north. Huge cattle feedlot north of Wellton. Very strong and disgusting odor

Trails invited us to stay at one of their parks in sun city ca.. ohhhh the cows.....

08-18-2020, 07:58 PM
I think AZ will have quite a bit less rain than Florida. I live in Mesa and I would say 4 out of 5 years we have temps 55-70 and lows of 40 or so for January and February. And rarely get much rain in the winter. Dec has the most and 1 in 5 years maybe we get 1-2 inches. Some years almost nothing.