View Full Version : Savannah GA and charleston SC

11-05-2017, 04:52 PM
Hanging out at yemassee KOA. First trip with sailuns and tst 507. Loving knowing what's going on in the back. Be here all week

Butch & Kathy
11-05-2017, 06:07 PM
Great trip, we did both with our Sailuns a few weeks ago. In Savannah we stayed at Skidaway Island State park, had a great meal at Belfords. In Charleston we stayed at James Island county park, ate at Hymans (we prefer SNOBS for a good meal).

11-06-2017, 05:15 AM
Skidaway is a nice park, especially if you can reserve the full hook-ups. My favorite two places to eat in the area are The Sunrise Restaurant for breakfast and AJ's Dockside for dinner. Both are kind of small, but amazing food. We are there once or twice a year for conferences.

The Old Fogies
11-06-2017, 05:41 AM
If you're in Yemassee you should try Harold's Country Club. They're open Thurs, Fri, Sat. The place isn't much to look at, but has great food.

11-06-2017, 07:10 AM
We are presentlyat SkidawayState Park in Savannah. 2nd time. We like this park. We ate last night at flores pearls Saltwater grille. it was very good.

11-06-2017, 04:05 PM
You guys are making me home sick - Lived near Florence, SC for 15 years and loved going to Savannah and Skid Away Island State Park. Tons of great restaurants. And a great PACKER bar downtown!

If you are in Charleston and do not mind a little drive - go north on Hiway 17 about 15 miles north of the bridge. It's a hole in the wall called SeeWee Café. The best crab-legs in Charleston and just a great place to have a relaxed dinner - Don't expect the crystal and white linen but true southern hospitality. FYI - I agree that SNOBS is pretty good! (for all-y'all Yankees - "Slighty North of Broad Street")

11-08-2017, 07:14 PM
thanks for all the info. it is beautiful here. did the trolley tours in Savannah. janes bistro in Hilton head was a great meal. also did the dinner cruise in Savannah. highly reccomend it. down day today. then off to Charleston tomorrow and Friday. boones hill plantation, carriage ride and river tour. thanks again for all the info

11-08-2017, 10:02 PM
Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip. Looking at going to those two towns as a spring break trip the first week of April next year.

11-09-2017, 10:12 AM
We have spent the last 4 winters in the Charleston/Savannah area, but will miss this year. SNOB, Hymans and Fleet Landing are our go-to places in Charleston. Also the Crab Shack and California Dreaming. The eateries along the riverfront in Savannah are pretty good as well. We usually stay at the Air Force base next to the airport or at the Navy base in Goose Creek. Have stayed at James Island as well. If you are there around Christmas, don't miss the lights at James Island.

11-13-2017, 11:26 AM
Back to the real world:facepalm:. Charleston was beautiful. one note for the carriage ride they go on a lottery system as to which part of the town you get to see with each new carriage that comes into town. i would have loved to have seen it all. the architecture was beautiful and the stories from the tour guide were great. we checked out the center market if your into shopping for original artisan stuff you will love it. also did the bubba gump shrimp co. the food was excellent and the staff very fast. the last day we did the harbor tour. it was a little chilly but we got to see a lot of the harbor and the town from different perspective. recommend both cities to anyone that likes history and architecture and of course food. the new tires and the tpms made it much easier on me, the driver so it was a win win.