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12-10-2004, 03:51 PM
I decided to install a Edge Juice / Attitude package on My Dura/max diesel. I have it on order. I am just not sure that I can do the install of the temperature probe in the exhaust manifold. I really don't have a tap or a magnetic drill bit. I am sure I could find a tap locally but so far I have not been able to find a magnetized drill bit. I guess I could magnetize it, if I knew how.

Just wonder if any one on the forum has done the probe install and could give me some advice? The more i think about it I am beginning to think I should take it to a garage to do. But don't know if I could trust them to try and prevent the metal chips drill and tap from going into the manifold. It is suppose to be installed before the Turbo and I would hate to ruin it with the metal shavings. If I could get it done for about $70 I would probably let a garage do it. Some one told me it cost them $300 for the install. Don't think I would have to pay that around here in my area.

I would be thankful if anyone has done this install of the edge and the Attitude module to walk me through the tap process to make sure I understand the process.

Edge has some pretty good installation instructions, But I still would like to hear from someone who has done it and will describe to me just where, if I go that route.

Would appreciate any other comments on the Edge/Attitude modules.


stiles watson
12-11-2004, 10:59 AM
I think you have a fine upgrade to you TV. Congratulations! As far as the insecurity about the probe, I had two Ideas. They may be worth what you are paying for them. (1) What about going by a machine shop and pricing the exact work that makes you uncertain and then you finish the installation. (2) Have a long discussion with the tech folks at Edge on their ideas about the drilling and tapping.

I don't think your only options are do it all or do none of it.

Happy installing.

12-11-2004, 12:12 PM
Thanks Stiles for you comments. After further research I have have about decided that I can do the drilling and tapping my self. Found a detailed Edge/attitude installation paper on the Diesel site. The writer walks you through the entire thing, a step at a time. I purchased all the bits and the tap i will need today. I plan to tackle the job sometimes next week when I received the modules. I will post my results. The thing I was worried about the most, filings from the drilling and thread tapping damaging my turbo was eased by both Edge and the writer of the diesel page article. They say if I idle the engine as I do the work on the probe hole, anything that gets into the manifold will be moved along and exhausted out. Makes sense to me.

Again thanks for your response, it helped me make my decision, alomg with suggestions from my son.

NJ Hillbilly
12-12-2004, 01:26 PM
I drilled my manifold with the engine running, most of the chips got pushed out through the hole I was drilling.

I rubbed a bunch of grease on the tap since tapping creates more chips than drilling. I idled the truck while tapping too. If You are not quick the bit and tap start getting a little hot so a break to allow things to cool down may be in order.

Make sure You wear safety glasses since the chips will fly when You break through.

Good Luck and it's an easy project just take Your time.


12-12-2004, 01:59 PM
Sorry to be a stick in the mud. Being a professional Diesel mechanic I question these kits claims that they do not damage the engine. I do very little on these pick up engines. My work is done on Big trucks and heavy equipment with problems with them when operated outside the HP ratings.
The horsepower claims that these kit manufactors are claiming are to the point I am afraid that it will shorten the life of the engine. There just is not enough iron to support the loads on the bottom end that these kits advertise.
Adverse affects are broke cranks and cracked heads, and general premature wear. The Duramax seems susceptable to broke cranks, I read that in one of the Consumer reports. I will have to try to find it again.
Glen will probably find it before I do.
If your willing to accept the risks then procede.
With that said, any high performance add ons can provide benefits as well as risks. Used in moderation it can improve fuel economy and towing. Just use some common sence when climbing long hills go easy.