View Full Version : Kroger Diesel - An Outrageous Scam

09-04-2017, 05:20 AM
We shop at Kroger and affiliates and have done so for a long time. We like the fuel discount even though we know we pay for it in other ways. Recently, with Hurricane Harvey prices have been going up in our area, Savannah, GA. On Friday I took my wife to the airport and noticed that diesel prices had increased about 16cents from around $2.33 to $2.49. As I had a Kroger fuel discount I decided to fill up. Their diesel price was $2.79. I had a 40c discount which gave me a per gallon price of $2.39 but if I had stopped at Pilot and used my Pilot card I would have gotten fuel for $2.45. In summary over time I purchased over $400.00 worth of groceries at Kroger for a nickel savings on diesel. I was pretty upset.

09-04-2017, 08:47 AM
We shop at Kroger for the food. Whatever we save on gas is just a plus. Since we travel with the Prius that's normally what we fill up and with a 10 gallon tank (usually half full) we aren't making a killing. When filling the truck I use Pilot when I can because I get the discount with my RV Advantage card and then save 5% paying for it with my Sam's club card, but if saving money is your thing Pilot at times has the highest prices in the neighborhood. I use it because it's easy in and out and if I'm filling the truck it's got a 40' trailer on behind.

The Bone
09-04-2017, 12:46 PM
its amazing how people will drive 10 miles to save 3 cents a gallon but if you do the math thats 30 cents on 10 gallons LOL I get the same deal at Safeway and have to spend $100 to get 10 cents a gallon off. So I spend $100 to save 2 bucks on a full tank of gas Not much of a savings when you do the math. However its the cheapest diesel in my area so I go there.

09-04-2017, 01:06 PM
There is a something to be said for your arguments but by the time I need to fill up the truck (around 30 gals of a 34 gallon tank) I have built up as much as a 90cent discount. That's a saving of $27,00 and that's worth the trip. Now I understand the economics of supply and demand but my real beef was that local gas stations only increased their prices by 7% whereas in this instance Kroger increased their prices by 20%.

09-11-2017, 01:07 PM
That is what marketing is all about...they discount here and there and increase other prices.

There just are too many other things to get upset about. Use 'gasbuddy' and get the best price you can get.