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Trailer Trash 2
07-23-2017, 06:05 PM
:thumbsup: It was a wonderful trip, our travels went to Bishop Ca. then up 95 through Idaho then into Canada. We did experience a Canadian gate keeper similar to our TSA agents at our airports. I'll explain,
We were very happy coming to the border, been here 3 other times including when 9/11 happened, then the drilling happened. Agent. where are you going , do you have any alcohol ? I said yes our beer and our mix drink liquor. then he asked how much did I have ? I said I started out with a 12 pack and some 4 packs for the wife but I've been drinking some of that on our travels to here . He asked well ho much do you have in you trailer? I did some quick math and told him I might have this much left, then he said if you have more than you just told me I can arrest you and give you a 1000.00 fine, then he asked if I own any guns ? I said yes I have a vault full of them, Agent: do you have any with you now ? NO I don't . Agent if I find a gun in your trailer I will arrest you and put you in jail right here . and on it went we were asked to go into a holding area while our RV was inspected by a different Agent much more pleasant that #1 he looked at our RV and came back and mentioned the he is awair that our trailers are our home and we do have a full bar which he said he would allow that to pass.
so when you go through the border inventory you booze and have it ready for the agent. other than that all went well we spent 17 days traversing across the southern part towards Vancouver BC hitting many camp grounds most were very good. there were plenty of mosquitos due to the excessive rains this year and hwy roads washed out . cotton wood trees were making it look like it was snowing , got to check my air cleaner on the truck. we then headed home on I-5, 4 weeks on the road good safe trip.