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09-23-2016, 03:25 AM
I put a set of G614's on this week. Rims are rated 110. Yesterday was the first day of driving. I thought the cold temp was set at 100, but checked them this AM, at 96.They were running 110-114 hot. How high of pressure will the 110 rims stand?

09-23-2016, 03:34 AM
Keep in mind, ratings are cold temperature. I have seen north of 125 psi on our Tredit Rims and G614's with no problems on the last two rigs covering five years of G614 usage.

09-23-2016, 05:35 AM
I run mine at 108# cold and like Bingo have seen north of 126# on the road on a 100+ degree day in Arizona.

09-23-2016, 03:47 PM
Thanks for your responses

Mark N.
09-25-2016, 10:23 AM
Never worry at all about your hot pressures as long as your cold pressures are set correctly.
Cold, of course, meaning not having been driven on at all. "cold" tire pressures have nothing at all to do with ambient air temps.

09-25-2016, 04:19 PM
The rep from Tredit who is the tire supplier said to set them at 110 cold.

09-26-2016, 05:15 AM
I have settled on 100 psi cold. After 20-30 miles they register 110-115 on my TPMS. I have seen 125 on a really hot day.


09-26-2016, 06:27 AM
I agree with Mark. I set mine at 102 PSI and since I am at 6,800 feet, I use 60 degrees outside air temperature as my base line. Because when it gets colder the PSI drops, or if the sun is shining on one side of the rig, the tires in the sun will be 5-8 PSI higher than the ones in the shade. So after setting them to around 102 at 60 degrees, and no sun on them, when I drive, they usually go right up to around 112-116 PSI. The hottest I have driven in so far is around 92 degrees, and the tires went up to around 124 PSI, and about 102 degrees. Keep in mind as you are driving, if the sun is on one side of the rig for a length of time, that side will register higher PSI than the side in the shade. The TPMS system really does give you piece of mind. I wish the TPMS built into the new RAM 3500's had an alarm. They do not. You just have to monitor all 6 tires yourself. I installed an extension on the inner tire on the right rear, and the next morning before I got 1/2 mile from my home, I noticed it said 3 PSI? I got out and felt the inner tire, and sure enough it was flat. I took off the extension and filled the tire back up, and it was fine. But I sure wish an alarm would have sounded?

09-26-2016, 07:48 AM
Cold also means not in direct sunlight. It is common to see tire temps 5-10 lbs higher on the side getting direct sunlight.