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08-20-2016, 06:55 AM
Got the g614's on the Monty what psi do you run on them

08-20-2016, 07:02 AM
I run mine at 105# which is more than adequate for the load they are carrying.

08-20-2016, 07:09 AM
Yep 105 for me as well

08-20-2016, 07:17 AM
108-110 for me. As long as it's 108 I'm good. It's too hard to be exact.

08-20-2016, 08:55 AM
At 100 psi, the tire is rated at 3550 lbs load capacity, so that makes the 7,000 lb axle rating. So, as long as you are at or over that number, you are getting the full capacity of your axles. I usually try to get close to 110 psi, but as long as we are over 100 psi in the morning when pulling out of a park, I'm good with that.

08-20-2016, 08:58 AM
There is no need to run at much less than max pressure.

08-20-2016, 09:48 AM
110 psi as suggested by the Goodyear Dealer when he installed them.

08-20-2016, 02:26 PM
105 PSI

08-20-2016, 03:59 PM

08-21-2016, 05:03 AM
I have noticed when I start out at 108 PSI with my gauge, that when driving in 90+ degree temps, they get to about 125 psi on the road. That seems about right, since most tires raise pressure 10-15% when driving on the freeway depending on temp outside.

08-21-2016, 06:13 PM
105 because that's the max my compressor will push out.

08-22-2016, 04:45 AM
Goodyear states 110 PSI cold inflation pressure.

08-22-2016, 05:07 AM
105-108 generally

08-22-2016, 06:30 AM
quote:Originally posted by RKassl

Goodyear states 110 PSI cold inflation pressure.

Goodyear also has an inflation chart, its not necessary to run them at max psi 110. Sure run them at max psi if you using them at max load rating. Run them according to the weight ,and the inflation chart provided by goodyear.

I have never run my G614's at 110, there is no need. 6years at 95-100, but its time to get rid of them ,and go to the Sailun's. I will run the Sailun's the same 95-100

08-23-2016, 04:30 AM
If you have not weighed your coach then the best bet is to go with the manufacturer's suggested cold inflation pressures. However, we all should be weighing our rigs so we know our numbers.

kenneth e holman
08-26-2016, 06:19 AM
There would be less questions about what a person should do as for as tire pressure and whether you should go with a single wheel or dually if people would just weigh there rig. If you don't know your weight then how do you know if you have a problem and how to correct it.

08-27-2016, 04:24 PM
Where do you find this GoodYear Chart? I have weighed my rig, and I am at around 15,000 pounds for just the 5th wheel. so what pressure does it say i should be running at? I'm at about 6,100 on the front axle, and 5,300 on the rear axle.

08-27-2016, 07:41 PM

08-28-2016, 01:48 PM
I started out running mine at 110psi; however, I would watch my Tireminder go up and up on a hot day as we were rolling. I know that they were designed to handle this heat. In addition, I "felt" that our coach was running too rough. For these reasons, I set mine at 105psi and...as of this writing...have had no challenges with them. I have about 30K miles on them.

Mark N.
08-31-2016, 08:54 AM
Never less than 106 and never more than 110. If I am anywhere within that 4 lb window, I am a happy camper.

08-31-2016, 03:14 PM
At the national rally, the man from Tredit, who supplies the tires, said 110 psi, always.

09-01-2016, 06:58 AM