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08-02-2016, 09:56 AM
On our last outing to the Smokey Mountains, we experienced two blowouts and damage to the side of our Montana. As suggested by one of the members on here, I contacted Goodyear and filed a claim against the two blown tires and the other two damaged ones we discovered when installing the 614's.
Within two weeks they have come back and agreed to pay $200 per tire for the 4 Marathons plus the $100 deductible we had to pay the insurance company to have the side fixed. If we had not filed it on our insurance, they would have picked up the tab for the repairs as well.
This tells me 2 things.
1) they know the Marathons are junk
2) they will stand behind their products when they fail

I'm as happy as I can be. 5 new G614's on the rig for less than half price.
Our insurance company will be refunded for the repairs as well.

08-02-2016, 10:13 AM
That's been most folks experience. The Marathons aren't really junk, they work just fine on lesser weight trailers. Goodyear knows they don't belong on our rigs, they just don't have any control over who buys them and what they are installed on. Back in the olden days, they bought mine back without me having a problem. I just called and ask if they wanted to work a deal now or wait and do it after the damage was done.

08-02-2016, 10:56 AM
They would probably work on the lighter units but with the track record they have........I won't be using them on anything I pull.
Like it has been said time and time again, who is to know if they were abused when the new rv's were towed from the factory. Chances are the drivers exceeded 65 mph for most of the trip.
However, the post wasn't about tire bashing but how well Goodyear responded to the issue. I was really impressed.

08-02-2016, 10:56 AM
Good to hear

08-02-2016, 04:46 PM
X2 what Dick said. I had the Marathons on my 2011 Mountaineer toyhauler and about 10K miles on it before trading in on a 2013 3100RL. I put 15K miles on the 3100 before upgrading to the G614 tire and never had a moments trouble with either trailer because I was well within the load limits of the Marathon and I am also religious about proper air pressure and not exceeding the rated speed. I think they are great tires but don't belong on the heavier rigs.

08-02-2016, 07:52 PM
Goodyear was more than fair with me, too. I didn't have a blowout, but one tire had a bubble that the tire guy said was a broken steel belt inside. GY gave me $125 per tire. I was thrilled with that, as you are with what they did for you, which was outstanding. Congratulations. You'll love the peace of mind the G614's provide.

08-03-2016, 02:25 AM
I was lucky from the beginning with my tires. The gentlemen I purchased my first used Montana from was very proud of the fact that he had installed "614's" on the rig. He was a retired over-the-road trucker and assured me I would not have any issues with those tires.

Then I joined the MOC and began reading about all the issues with the stock tires and was very thankful for the previous owners knowledge. When we then purchased our first new Montana it didn't leave the dealers lot without new G614's being installed. IMHO they are the perfect tire for these heavy rigs.

08-03-2016, 03:02 AM
Most people don't know Marathons or ST tires are only rated for 65 MPH and no place I know of on a camper tells you they are so why would any manufacturer put them on a camper and send them out on a 75 MPH interstate. People who deliver campers are paid by the mile so you know the camper manufacturers know they are NOT going to abide by a 65 MPH limit. It's just too expensive for them. If you delivered campers how much would you reduce your income to take care of the tires on a unit you were delivering. To me its clear its the manufacturer fault these tires fail. They need to take the bull by the horns do what is right and put approbate tires on these units. Until they do we will continue to have this conversation.

08-03-2016, 04:09 AM
Hope your wheels are meant to hold 110 psi, since you now have the G614's.

08-03-2016, 05:23 AM
I'm good to go on the wheels, all are rated for 110 psi and the metal valve stems installed. Once I return from Brazil, I will get the spare tire mounted on the new rim and get it placed under the rv.
Hopefully the dealer will have the repairs completed by the time I get back so I can put her back on the road again.

08-03-2016, 06:12 AM
I won't live to see the day that a single rv manufacturer steps up and stops use of chinese tires other than the sailuns...even though it would be a major marketing point for them. Sad but most probable. John

08-04-2016, 07:27 AM
We had a similar experience when we had a G614 lose its tread somewhere on US41 in FL. Pulled off the road for lunch and DW went back to use bathroom and came back with the four words I hate "when did this happen?". Walked back and saw a bald G614, still inflated but only bare metal cord showing. It looked like someone had cut the tread off the tire and left the sidewalls. Changed out to the spare (another G614) and finished our run down to Key West.

Someone had just posted the GY claims phone number on the MOC Forum so I called. I said "I think I have a defective G614" and explained what had happened. They asked if I had purchased another tire yet, when I said no, the told me to tell the dealer to hold the carcass and they would do a pickup. I had to pay $475 for a new tire in Key West (only one GY tire dealer there). After I had the damage repaired ($~700), I sent the bills and photos of the damage to GY and about a month later I got a check for ~$1200 in the mail. I did not use my insurance so no claim against my policy. It was a good thing the entire tread was gone from the tire otherwise they probably would have prorated the wear and only paid me about 25% of the cost of a new tire.

I am extremely satisfied with my dealings with GY and that is why I recommend them over Sailums. Some people buy only on price but when amortized over 40000 miles it works out to ~$.02/mile cost difference on a set of four. Have not heard if Sailun stands behind their tires as well as GY or not.

08-04-2016, 11:54 AM
Steve, I am so pleased with GY, I am highly considering purchasing a new set for the boat.
I was amazed at how fast they actioned my claim. 2 weeks is pretty quick in my book.

08-05-2016, 04:02 AM
quote:Originally posted by hybridhauler

Steve, I am so pleased with GY, I am highly considering purchasing a new set for the boat.
I was amazed at how fast they actioned my claim. 2 weeks is pretty quick in my book.

That must be some boat if it uses tires too HEHEHE:D