View Full Version : Greasing the wheels?

03-05-2003, 04:30 AM
I thought there was a lengthy discussion a while back on greasing the wheels of our Monatan's. Can't seem to locate it again. Anyway I was looking for it because I wanted to re-read it to see if I could get a better understanding of what's really involved.

I'm interested now because I'm getting close to my first year of ownership. I also plan to pull Miss Montana to the dealer on March 16 and I'm trying to decide whether to pay them to do it. ($220) or do it myself. I'm not sure about doing it myself because I don't know that much about the process. But I would hate to spend the money and then learn it's a "no brainer".

Any comments?


2002 2880RL (Miss Montana) towed by 2001 Dodge diesel 3500 (LadyRam)