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06-25-2013, 07:50 AM
We are leaving sunny Santa Cruz, CA for Seattle, and then headed east to Maine, down to DC and then back home. Any good stopping suggestions through the northern states? We hope to be at the rally,or at least enjoy an Amish function. Step over the Canadian boarder, eat some Maine lobster, take in some Boston chowder, taste some Cheapeak Blue Crab, eat some [8D]eastern shirmp and head back home to relax, lol. Hopefully no more mishaps with the 5'er.

06-25-2013, 08:35 AM
Safe travels, I hope the wind is always at your back!

06-25-2013, 08:35 AM
Sounds like a great trip. Have a safe and wonderful time!

06-25-2013, 05:50 PM
We stayed in Bar HArbor, Maine. A nice area. Especially if you like lobster. We stayed 4 nights and my wife had lobster 4 times - the last time I told her to go for the biggest one they had - Something like $17 and 3 lb. The claw covered the whole plate and she still had the body to eat. She didn't want lobster for many days after that!! :D
I think there is a Nat. Park (not Acadia) or something overlooking the ocean. Very high up tho, so you can't run down to the beach.

Sierra 117
06-26-2013, 01:31 PM
If you are a Civil War buff, stop at the Gettysburg National Civil War Museum. We got the CD and took a self tour. It is well worth doing.

06-29-2013, 05:42 PM
Thank you all for your suggestions and best wishes for a safe trip. Please keep the suggestions coming in. We are excited to see all we can. Niagra is a BIGGEEEE for MDW, so I have to make it good for her. Thank you again, and hope we can make the National Rally.

06-30-2013, 07:38 AM
Mt. Washington in New Hampshire...but only on a nice clear day....Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts....

06-30-2013, 11:57 AM
I'm sure you know about Acadia NP on Mount Desert Island near Bar Harbor with a good road to the top of Mount Cadillac on a clear day you have beautiful views. We also liked the lighthouse, and lobster boat tours. You can get a CD of Acadia and to a self guided tour that will then allow you to take it in at your on pace, we packed a picnic lunch and ate while on rocks watching a huge blow-hole entertain us. [8D]

08-11-2013, 05:25 PM
Here is an update for our trip. Santa Cruz, Shasta, Seattle, Spokane, Corde laine (sp), Glacier, Yellowstone (new alternator), Cody, SD, Badlands, Wall Drug (lol), Corn Palace in Mitchell, Iowa(interesting place), now Chicago area. Found no close campgrounds around Chicago,(60 miles), bummer. Leaving for northern Illinois for the second air conditioner and then off to Pictured Rock National Forest and Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan. Four more months until we have to be back in California. Keep ya posted. The truck and I are tired, lol. :)

08-12-2013, 01:14 AM
quote:Originally posted by Sierra 117

If you are a Civil War buff, stop at the Gettysburg National Civil War Museum. We got the CD and took a self tour. It is well worth doing.

I agree! The self tour is excellent!